Beach days

akumal2akumal6after a long month working i deserved some vacations, and that’s exactly what i got! since all i wanted was to sit back and relax my camera stayed in my bag most of the time.
we went to cancun and the weather was just perfect. the first day we stayed at the hotel enjoying the beach, but the second one we went to akumal, a small beach 30 minutes away from our hotel. i must say it was a bit crowded, so finding a place to sit in the shadow was hard. after all we did found a spot under a palm tree. we got to enjoy the ocean’s clear water and even saw some turtles and fish so it was all worth it.


Catching up

nt1nt4hello there! it’s been forever but i’m back, so it means we get to catch up! i’ve taken so many pictures and gone to not so many places and i was dying to share with you guys, but now it’s time!
on august 9th was my brother’s birthday (happy birthday once again, dude!) so he organized a small road trip to do some mountain bicycle here. my sister invited three of her friends, and the rest of us were just family. we had an amazing time until my sister, her friends and i got ourselves into a 6km hike in the cold, it was exhausting and when we got to the car all we wanted to do was sit back and take a nap. in my opinion, it was all worth it because we got to see the most beautiful landscape i have ever seen. it was so peaceful up there… i wanted to stay forever.
nt2 nt3

dnnswhy hello there! it’s been tough around here lately, so i apologize for the radio silence. i’ve been going to lots of meetings and taking in my last days of vacation because tomorrow i’m off to work (insert super sad and tired face here). last year i got my first job and it was amazing, this year i am back at it and it’s really exciting! seeing old friends, learning new things from all those kids, making new friends and also learning from them. when we had our first meeting last month everyone was so happy to see each other, i even heard someone saying this: i waited all year long for this, i missed you guys! it was really sweet.
but as i was telling you, this year i’m back at it, so it means i won’t be able to post often due to extreme tiredness and maybe two weekends of camping out with the kids. the fun begins tomorrow and i am already tired, is that even possible? maybe sunday meetings at 8am, last-minute uniform adjustments (because they delivered them today), team switches and over thinking costume days are harder than they look.
i know i’ll have fun, and since this is my second and last year i’ll make the best of it! wish me luck and i’ll be posting every chance i get, i promise!

National Geographic

nglast month’s national geographic magazine was just amazing!
we were at the supermarket when my dad saw it and bought it. on the cover: a hero dog. i mean, what’s there not to love about dogs, right? well, now try a hero dog. of course i died!
when i opened the magazine i saw this picture, it was a redhead girl and the mini article said redheads sense things different than the rest of us. amazing right?
but i’m not even done here; one of the first pages tells a short story about a us military soldier and his parter, the dog had lost a leg and had a special brace that helped her move around. the next story about hero dogs also tells the story of a soldier and his partner during war in sangin. i’m not going to tell the story, because i would totally spoil it if you ever want to read it, but it’s really interesting and it may bring you to tears, just like me.
there is also an article about a train, the matvei murdov, that delivers medical care in small towns across the russian far east. pretty impressive as well.
i always find interesting learning about other countries, their culture and problems just to name the most interesting things to me. last month i wrote this post about vice, which is my favorite news site online, next: national geographic.


shoesi don’t know exactly how many pairs of shoes i own, but i don’t wear them all. there may even be a few new pairs (time to sell them, maybe?) but certainly, my favorite ones are neutrals: white or cream/tan, honestly i don’t know what color it is, so let’s call them nude-ish.
i’ve been trying to keep my shoes on a neutral palette but sometimes it’s hard! you know what i mean? so while looking for inspiration i found all these gems, and oh surprise: birkens on my wishlist?! well, yes! but… this pair ain’t that awful, right?
1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9

On a rainy day…

jns4jns1on saturday we had a family meeting at my house, so it was packed and overwhelming, but good. at some point my sister and i sneaked out with one of our cousins to take some pictures. it was really fun, one of us posing, the other taking the picture and the last one holding an umbrella. it has been raining nonstop for the past few weeks here, but on saturday we didn’t mind. we even ended jumping in puddles and taking some funny pictures.