Style Icon: Olivia Palermo

styleiconSince her appearance on The City (do you remember that show?) I used to hate Olivia Palermo, I mean she was a total bitch! But of course, time goes by and you totally forget those people even exist until you bump into lots of pictures of them and guess what? They are super stylish! Well, I must confess I am a huge fan of her style. Have you ever seen her with a terrible outfit?! Because I haven’t. And her husband, we’ll let’s not get into that. But if you don’t trust me, better see it for yourselves!

Small town

About a month ago my family and I went on a quick trip to God knows where. It was a pretty small town and on our long way there we passed by some amazing rocks. Do you remember that scene in The Incredibles when Dash runs on water and there are some gigantic and amazing rocks/mountains? Well, they were something like that, but instead of being surrounded by water, they were surrounded by small towns and a two-way highway. I am usually amazed by the beauty of my surroundings (mostly nature) and even though my pictures are awful, I thought I’d share them with you.

3 years!

embr2 embr1wow! today the blog turns 3! i have no words to express how happy/proud i am. now more than ever i am busy as hell and it’s getting harder to post often, but thank you all for following along and keeping up with me. i am one very happy gal! … aaaand to celebrate the anniversary i bring you an outfit post, because let’s be honest: who doesn’t love an outfit post, right?
on monday my partner in crime and i went out to take pictures and here’s what we came up with. enjoy!!embrembr3embrg1denim jacket- zara (similar here)/ dress- forever21/ shoes- converse/ rings- bimba & lola/ watch -nixon

Beach days (Part 3)

an4our hotel was a total surprise for us, there were signs all around with different animal species that lived in the jungle around the hotel. honestly, i though we were never going to see one of the many animals, but god, was i wrong.
there were these tiny animals named coatí, they were really pretty, but they also loved to sneak in the restaurants so there were nets to avoid their unexpected visits.
everyday on our way to breakfast, our room or to the beach we saw lots of these babes, and every single time i was mesmerized by them.an3 an5another species we saw were monkeys. my brother had told us there was a monkey jumping around the trees and hugging people, and of course my sister and i wanted to meet that monkey! so one day we were walking to the beach and there he was: jumping from tree to tree. my sister and i got close and an employee from the hotel told us that the monkey was very friendly, so we got closer. he just wouldn’t let us see him so as we were about to give up the monkey ran over to my sister, grabbed her by the leg and tried to bite her! it all happened so fast i didn’t know whether to laugh or seek for help.
it all ended up with a sad monkey making signs as he walked away from a french lady and us. it was really fun!

Beach days (Part 2)

xplor1so, after we went to akumal we went back to the hotel to take a quick shower and then head over to xplor, a themed water park. dad booked the fire experience for us, it consists on doing all the activities you can do when there’s daylight but at night which is pretty rad.
we got there when it was almost dark, which means no sun (thank god!) because i was super tanned from day 1 and it was mostly empty, also good because that meant no lines. we started with raft swimming, and i must say, my sister and i suck at it, we paddled backwards most of the time and we got a lot of help from a very nice guy who was laughing at us.
then we swam in a river with bats, the water was so cold i thought i was going to freeze. it was all fun until we reached some waterfalls that pulled you down so hard that it was difficult to swim the other way.
after that we went on a ride through the jungle in 4×4 mini cars where we saw fireflies and a few bats. we left the most exciting activity last: zip-lining. it was dark, but you could see park lit up with torches.
it was one of the best experiences and we all had so much fun. we had dinner there and then left to our hotel for a good night of sleep.xplor2