Music for today

i am so excited about this video for so many reasons, one of them is that these guys are (in my opinion) two of the best singers from chile and the first song from the video is my favorite song from the album! since i heard the album like 1+ year ago i wanted to see them play live, unfortunately for me it hasn’t happened yet and worse: the album isn’t for sale in mexico! in the meanwhile i guess i’ll have to watch this video over and over again.

Put a bow on it!

bowitlately i’ve had this obsession for bow clips, and luckily for me, american apparel has the best ones! you can choose from lots of colors, to a crazy amount of patterns, materials and sizes. since i am petite and so is my head, i rather the small ones; but if you’re more of an oversize-it-all gal, feel free to pick one of the big ones. they are all amazing!

/all bow images from american apparel usa and denim bow from american apparel mexico/

The perfect rack

i’ve been planning another bedroom makeover for like a month now. the thing is that i have many pieces of furniture and it kind of bothers me to see them all displayed in my tiny bedroom. i was thinking about getting rid of half of my closet space and hide my desk in there. 
one of the great things about my bedroom are the windows, they are gigantic, so if i want to take down half of my closet i must have somewhere to hang my clothes. a rack is the option. i am too lazy to build one, but i bet it’ll be totally worth it. while searching on pinterest i found a few ones that i would definitely love to try. they are very simple, but still so classy; plus they add a light energy to the room.

images: 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5

there’s a thought i can’t seem to get off my head.
boyfriend, it’s not actually a thought, but more like a word. i’ve been thinking about how much i miss having a boyfriend, i mean, it’s not just about having someone, but at the same time it is (really complicated stuff).
what i’m trying to say is this: it’s not just having a boyfriend, but a person to talk to about the silliest things, behave like a total idiot and still don’t care, someone who you can share and keep a secret with, someone who will love you unconditionally, and the best part: being able to kiss that person whenever you want, of course, there’s more to it.
tglas i am writing this, i can’t help but think about my last relationship and somehow i relate it to this sex and the city chapter where sweet charlotte is talking about how you only get two great loves in life. totally random, but so true. think about it, there’s always one that gets away… maybe the ex-boyfriend fits in one of the two categories of great loves…
//hands image from here

In the kitchen: Vanilla cupcakes

bkn2i wanted to cook something, anything. and then i remembered there was a recipe i always wanted to try.
cupcakes are not my hit at all, but still, i decided to go for them. i used this recipe and made a few modifications to the frosting and since i am not a huge jam fan i decided not to fill them.bkn3
for the frosting i used 1 1/2 cups butter, 1 1/2 cups powdered sugar and instead of using raspberry extract, i used a vanilla one. i also added food coloring to the mix, since it looked like peanut butter but tasted nothing like it. who doesn’t love some pink frosting right?
i am not so sure about how my cupcakes turned out, and i am a little nervous. now let’s just wait until someone dares to try them!bkn

Longing beach days

vcz2there are times when i wish i lived by the beach. warm weather (sometimes too warm), beach walks, midnight/day/whatever swims… ahh! sounds good, huh? although, i don’t know how people who live by the beach get things done. i mean, if i lived close i would spend all day long laying in the sun.
today it rained in mexico. it hadn’t in a few months and we were having summer weather, i guess nothing’s perfect! vcz1 vcz3