New things are coming!

As I mentioned earlier this year, new things are about to happen on the blog, and since it may take a little longer and some major planning, I might as well just tell you. Ready?
My sister and I are merging our blogs!! Honestly, if you ask me why I wouldn’t have an exact answer, but it’s something we’ve been thinking about doing for a year or so. On December we thought the timing was right and I was supposed to plan the merge on my own, but I have so many ideas that I got stuck on my own head, but I won’t get into those boring details now (the full story coming as soon as I figure out the merge, promise!)
In the meanwhile let’s celebrate with a freebie we have for you. March is just around the corner and we have a little something to help you organize your days!

Have an amazing week friends!!!

Neutrals on the beach


On our trip to Veracruz we went to this beach hoping to get to the dunes and get some sun. None of those happened. It was windy, cloudy and cold, which you can’t actually tell since I took off my jacket and braved the cold for a good cause. Anyway, we need up chilling in the hammocks, eating shrimps and having a toast to celebrate my parents’ 26th anniversary! Good memories were made that day.

Skirt: F21/ Tank: H&M/ Sunglasses: Wildfox/ Pullover: Stella McCartney for Adidas/ Sneakers: Keds

pinkskirt1My favorite travel buddies! 
By the way, don’t forget to visit my sister’s blog to see her outfit post. We’re totally opposite poles, but I adore her!

All on board

boat4Earlier this month we went on our annual trip to Veracruz, and I say annual because it’s becoming some kind of tradition. Anyway, among all of the things we did this one was a favorite: visiting an old navy boat/museum. You may wonder what’s so special about it, right? Well, I’m not a boats person, but this one was a navy one, so of course I was excited to see what was on the inside, all those guns, bunk beds, showers, everything!boat2Turns out this boat was everything I hoped for and more! They had a dentist office and a very old surgery table, yeah they practiced small procedures in there. They had like a general store, pretty small showers and even a snakes exhibit. According to the guide, who is a retired sailor, there wasn’t enough room for all the 600+ members on board, but they managed.
Some parts of the boat were totally covered by water, which is still safe, but you can’t go beyond unless you wanna take a dive, but that’s not allowed. Besides that I had an amazing time! If someday you’re around and you like museums, go for it!boat1boat3

On love and expectations.

I’ve always been in love with the idea of love. I’m a romantic, always have been and probably I’ll always be.
I’ve read so many love stories and watched lots of movies and series about love. Not all of them have happy endings, some are very predictable and a few others made me cry.
When I think about the kind of person I would like to share my life with I think of so many qualities: funny, athletic, kind, loving… And so many other things.
Have you ever heard people saying that after experiencing an amazing love, you’ll probably compare some of your next relationships to the one that truly changed you?
If I could get to experience the kind of love I want it would be something like Carrie Bradshaw described on Sex and the City: “I’m looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t love without each other love.” Or in Olivia Pope’s words: “I don’t want normal and easy and simple. I want painful, difficult, devastating, life-changing, extraordinary love.”
Those quotes really get me every time I think about them.
Sometimes I think I had everything I’m looking for with my ex, but now I realize I had something good and maybe even amazing, but it just wasn’t quite fulfilling. I’m always looking for more, I dream big and I’m really ambitious. I also need someone who pushes me beyond and shows me there are no limits for the things I really want to accomplish. I’m looking for someone who shares his hopes and dreams with me, someone who supports mines and who’s willing to let me help him accomplish his’.
Like I said at the beginning, I’m a romantic. I’ve always been and probably I’ll always be.

Image from here.

vdbHello there! Lately I’ve been trying to post more often, but inspiration is just not coming my way. Last weekend I got away for a day to a small town in the outskirts of the city and it was just what I needed! Warm weather, clear blue skies and sun baths. vdb3vdb1
I am definitely coming back to Valle de Bravo!!
Have a nice Wednesday, friends!vdb2