This weekend

So, this weekend I went out with my brother and boyfriend (so cool). My boyfriend is in all that BMX world and my brother is starting a new business, he wanted to do a session with my boyfriend so that he could edit a video and post it later on Vimeo. Anyway we went to the supermarket riding on our bikes each and then out of the nowhere he asked my boyfriend if he could take a few shots of him doing some tricks, he obviously agreed. We went to the parking lot but then a police officer pulled over so we had to leave. We went to a park near home and they started shooting, I was obviously bored, but what could I do?

Here are some pictures taken with my IPhone of that day (what a day).

BoysObviously I was too bored to take a picture of my shoes!
At the end I loved the result, the video was amazing and my darling did a great job!!
Taken with Instagram App.

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