Merry Christmas!!

I´ve been absent lately, I know but now that I am off of school I decided to have more fun than usual. On Thursday  night I had the most lovely dinner with friends.
We started the night having a toast for the best friends we’ve turned into and danced after. When we started to feel hungry we started eating. My sweet friend Dana bought some pasta and chicken, it was delicious; she also bought a mocha cake and we all loved it. We had a small trouble with the wine and the wine cork ended inside the bottle.

After dinner we decided to add a little sparkle to the night so Jessie thought it was the perfect moment to play cards. Shots, truth or dare, punishment,drink it all and stuff were part of the game. It was so much fun, we talked for hours about boys and life, it was so perfect! I must say it was one of the most magical nights with the girls.

Thanks for peeking into my early Christmas dinner with the girls! I hope you have a Merry Christmas and have so much fun! How are you spending tonight?

XO, Dian.


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