First trip of the year.

We’re starting this year with short road trips. My family and I drove to a little town called Taxco, it’s famous because most of the people sell silver products (really awesome). First we went to this place which is incredibly wet, but still amazing! It was so dark inside that my only chances to take a picture were when the guide turned on the lights, then he turned them off and kept on walking, so they had to be really quick pictures. Some are blurry but most of them are great. 
The guide had this funny voice and some of the rocks have different shapes so when he showed us a funny shape we all laughed not because of the shape, but of his voice (it may sound mean but it’s the truth).

 The one above is like a champagne bottle and it is famous thanks to the incredibly intelligent men behind Corona beer.

 Pretty amazing huh?

When we got out we drove like an hour back to Taxco and had lunch at a gorgeous restaurant, since my sister was feeling happy we ate in the terrace it was a chilly afternoon, but the view was beyond AMAZING!

After lunch we walked around to buy some local jewelry and got lost! We asked at least 3 people how to get ourselves downtown again. After all it is such a beautiful little town! We had a lot of fun yesterday, hopefully all of our days will be like this for the rest of the year!
XO, Dian.


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