I love pizza but…

Yesterday I had dinner with my lovely friends, we met not so late at night and walked to a pizza restaurant. It seemed to be a great place, none of us had eaten anything since early in the morning not even breakfast!!! Anyway we ordered a Mexican pizza which looked delicious, my big mistake was adding sauce and since the pizza was already spicy you can imagine what it did to my stomach. I ate only one piece and I was feeling terrible. I’m not a spicy food eater and I felt like dying yesterday! We got to one of my friend’s house and I just crashed in her couch, seriously I couldn’t even move!! One by one the four of us fell (oh yes we were sick! what are the odds?). Today I’m feeling better and I hope they are too (ha!) I learned a huge lesson yesterday:
Don’t eat spicy food with an empty stomach!! 

I’m off to get my hair done and have dinner with my grandparents.
I’ll be back!
XO, Dian.


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