Sunday at home.

Today I spent most of the day at home. I never do that! Specially because all week days I’m stuck at home and weekends are my ticket out. We started our day with breakfast and a surprise visit from my uncle. After he left my sister and I watched some movies and then my dad invited us to get some ice cream.

After the ice cream we found ourselves back home!! We were so bored and decided to take Elvis out for a walk, and let me tell you she is CRAZY! Seriously out of the nowhere she started fighting with my sister, or at least it seemed like that. It was hilarious!

Back home again I find myself among other things writing this post. I really like writing posts, and I would love to write one or more each day, but between homework, a much attention needed puppy and my huge ability to distract myself, not mentioning my lack of inspiration (sometimes) it’s really difficult to do so.
 I need some inspiration!! A.S.A.P.!

XO, Dian.


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