Why not joining Twitter…?

Well, I’ve asked myself this question for months now, and I can’t come up with a great reason to do so. I would like to join Twitter, but then I think and my mind starts to fill up with a million excuses like Seriously? Does everyone has to know your thoughts? or Come on, you can be reading a book! or maybe This is pathetic!! Just don’t!
Believe me, whenever I think about it I say to myself DON’T, of course I have a Facebook account, and I’d like to have a Twitter account mostly because all of my friends have one and they say it’s easier sending a DM than texting; well, I don’t know you, but I LOVE texting and sending mails! (Of course it’d be better sending letters!)
Seriously I’m addicted to my iPhone, but I don’t spend every second checking all the social networks. I just text and text! Maybe you’ll say oh, crazy girl!, but I don’t love the idea of joining those things.

Maybe someday in the future I’ll join them, when they are not that popular (is that even possible?), in the meanwhile I’ll talk to people face to face, maybe text them, maybe send a letter or an e-mail, maybe call them, but absolutely NOT tag them and make public my thoughts or conversations…
It’s crazy I know!
XO, Dian.


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