I’ve had such a week! First of all it’s freezing over here! I love this weather so much. Anyway, today was a long, still happy and interesting day. I met my ex boyfriend this afternoon and it was nice. I really missed talking to him and hugging him, mostly I missed him so much, specially because he was my best friend for two years and the first person I told everything. We ended up like “friends” but those were only words for 2 months and now, I can finally say we are friends! (it makes me happy).
I was so nervous before we ran into each other, but once I had him by my side everything became so real. I wasn’t nervous anymore, instead I had this silly smile on my face and couldn’t hide it! (my cheeks still hurt for smiling for hours and laughing so hard!), I don’t know why, but I was all smiles.
To be honest I was expecting him to say something like Oh, I still love you! Take me back and let’s runaway! I’ll leave my girlfriend!! Obviously I watch a lot of movies and knew that was so not happening, but there’s nothing wrong in keeping my hopes up there, right? We talked for hours, ate Pop Tarts, fooled around… Just like the old days! Oh those days… On my way back home I realized that I wanted him in my life, not as a boyfriend or an ex boyfriend, but as a friend. I want to be able to talk to him and I don’t want to lose him for a stupid reason (or a break up).

I’m glad we are still friends and there’s only one thing I want to say to him:
Thank you!
If you’re reading this I want you to know that I love you and else. ha! (you know).

Thanks for reading!! Night night!
XO, Dian.


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