Furniture and dresses

On Saturday I had a huge makeover in my bedroom! First of all I changed my curtains for shutters and they are amazing! Then I moved some furniture from side to side, after moving almost everything, it ended up where it started. BUT, I got rid of a couch and finally moved my desk in! That couch was huge, and I just realized that, because it seems to be more room in here! Finally I added a shelf, oh I loved that shelf since I saw it in The Home Depot! My father installed it a few months ago, and now I started filling it with some books and some other things.

Talking about some other things… Oh my this dress is killing me! And what’s killing me the most is that it’s still new! I can’t wait to wear it! As I was typing this, I remembered Sex and the City the movie, when Carrie and Samantha are looking for a dress and the sales girl says hi to Carrie and she says she´s been cheating on clothes with furniture.. ha! I laughed so hard! But sadly, it’s true (in my case!).
Anyway, I can´t wait to wear this!
 P.S. Don´t you love my sailor mate?
 Have a nice week!


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