So, today I had to say goodbye to my iPhone, it’s sad but I had to, I had been having some serious issues with the speaker and was afraid that it just for worse, so I decided to take it to the costumer’s office and tomorrow I’ll have a diagnose (hopefully). In the meanwhile…
It’s been a while since I last did one of these posts, lately I haven’t used my computer, but I found some interesting links I think you will love as much as I did! Enjoy!

Free fonts over here!

Emily McDowel‘s designs… Pure talent!

Scout’s Honor… I have nothing else to say, but amazing!

New hairstyle to my list by the beautiful Katie!

New favorite blog, isn’t she gorgeous and stylish?

Remember Katie from Katie’s Pencil box? She is pregnant and looking beautiful! Check her out!

A colorful blog which inspires me.

Check out Mani Mondays on The Beauty Department.

A trip to Marfa and my favorite playlist via The Flashdance.

I’m dying for some french toast right now!

This is everything for now, enjoy them! And have a great week!


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