April is here!

Image via: Cherrybam

I’m so excited about this month! A lot of changes, a birthday,a college exam, holidays… And another couple of things that I’m excited about! I am really happy to see that all of the people I love are healthy. A few minutes ago I received a phone call from my grandpa, he called to say that his heart test results were perfect and the first thing he thought about was my sister and I and that he couldn’t thank us anymore for helping him through. I cried a bit, but I am happy to know he is doing just fine! I love him more than anyone in this world!
In other news… I didn’t get selected to my first option for college, but I have another chance in May, so I better study really hard!!
Also… My iPhone is back on the service, so there will be no iPhone pictures posts in a month! I’m really sad about it! But hopefully I’ll have it back in two weeks not a month… Hopefully.

Anyway, have a wonderful night, week and month!


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