So, tonight is for baking cupcakes with my sister, watch the rain through my window and relax. Make plans for my last week off of school, maybe start reading a book, go through some pages of a magazine, write some notes. I don’t know. Tonight I’m feeling inspired by some of Elsie’s posts about starting a journal.
I was listening to Michael Bublé and got a strange feeling. I decided to write a post and here I am, listening to White Christmas (I know we’re on April starting spring, that song is totally off-season!) and relaxing in my comfy chair. Not all days are like this. Today I got back from my Saturday morning bike ride, which was a failure, I was not feeling good so I decided to sit down with my bicycle and wait in the middle of the mountain. A few minutes after my mom and sister joined me and we waited and looked around us, from my point of view everything was wonderful and silent, some dogs playing their owners talking and us girls sitting quietly. It’s those moments that make you realize the world we live in, how big it is, how tiny but significant we are.
Later I found myself back at home, I got a surprise visitor who didn’t care if I was showered or not, he hugged me for hours and we watched tv together, while he hugged me I started to think how grateful I am for having him and all of my family with me.
That’s the point of starting a journal (for me), save my ideas, days and incredible stuff, so that I always have them present and really close to me. Like a reminder of the great things in my life.
Do you have a journal? What do you write in it?
Happy Sunday! (or what’s left of it)


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