The best I’ll ever see

And you may wonder what is that? Well my answer is Paul McCartney ladies and gentlemen!
I’ve been to two of his concerts here in Mexico City and they’ve been awesome!! Last Tuesday was his concert and tonight he is performing for free in Mexico City as well!! Amazing huh? But as I assumed today’s show was going to be FULL!! So I’m at home watching the show online. I don’t mind if I’m missing it because I went on Tuesday and it was a beautiful experience. So as I’m typing I’m thinking whether to upload a video from two years ago with crappy audio or some pictures taken with my iPhone… tough decision!! Anyway, if you love him as much as i do, then you’ll enjoy my medias even if they are not the greatest!!

The last ones are from two years ago. Maybe you have already noticed that (a different angle and place)
I still wonder why he never sings Calico Skies… I guess I’ll never know! 


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