Two years ago

Two years ago I said goodbye to the best friend I’ve ever had.
When I was five I used to stay at my grandparent’s until my parents got back form work, one day they arrived with a puppy, my siblings and I were over the moon with her, she was a Labrador Retriever we named her Layka at first she lived with my grandparents because we used to live in an apartment, then we moved to a house and took her with us.
Once she ate my sister’s notebook and broke some tree ornaments on Christmas, she had puppies and we were all excited!! Her puppies left but she was still happy, I think she loved my dad, because she never listened to us!
Two years ago she was diagnosed with diabetes, we were worried about her, she was 10 years old and I have lived with her for 10 years!! I didn’t liked to see her down. She stopped eating, she started to get blind and thin. One day she was looking lame so my mom, dad and sister took her to the vet, the next thing I knew my brother and I were driving to the vet’s office crying. We got there and cried like we had never cried. We were seeing her for the last time.
Then she was gone.
I like to think that was the best for her, she was suffering a lot.
I miss her every single day, because I know I’ll never have another dog like her but I am happy to know that she is ok wherever she is now.
I will love her forever!!


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