Work work work

tough days!! two perfect words to describe these two days! on friday morning i got to hang with my guy and he decided to take me on a ride on his bike. most of the time i say no, but well, it was a short ride to the store. those were the funniest 3 minutes ever!! he made my morning better!
a friend contacted me on monday asking me to take him some photos, i agreed and so my sister and i went yesterday to a party. well, i better say nothing but i’m sure the photos we shot are going to lie for me! they look awesome and we are getting paid, so i may consider it as my first unofficial job!
here’s a peek of yesterday’s photos:

on the other hand,  today was completely different. wriel asked us to take him and his friends some pictures, we are no pros at all, but we do our best! we headed to a skate park and met him and his friends over there. a lot of skaters… such a great day! i’m pretty sure i shot like 200 photos in two hours or maybe even more! on monday we are finishing our job and getting paid!!
here’s a peek of today’s sesh:

i’m going straight to bed right now! i am so tired and tomorrow is biking day with my dad up in the mountains! hope i won’t die up there! night night!!


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