10 things that make me happy

i’ve been saving this post for a little while, today i finally decided it was time!
here’s a small list of the things that make me happy.

1. realizing that every day is great to start all over again.
2. laughing so hard with my sister and make inside jokes.
3. talking to my grandma on the phone for hours! i love her so much!!
4. being surprised by my boyfriend every single day.
5. the surprise smile i have when someone texts me!
6. listening to lovely cup from grouplove. thanks emi for that!
7. getting home and thank for my bed.
8. taking pictures, even if they are not the best.
9. rainy days in summer.
10. dancing to phil spector.
even if these thing seem to be small, that are a big deal to me! every day is different around here, some days are great and some others are not so great. but i like to think that there’s always a chance to make them better!
if you feel inspired to do a 10 things that make me happy list send me your link! i’d love to see!


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