A car, a bike and we’re back in the mountains

oh my! on saturday my dad, brother, boyfriend and i drove all the way to the mountains. my dad got an email from a bicycles store last week, they were organizing a small biking trip to the mountains, so of course my dad couldn’t say no. i love biking in the mountains specially with my dad because i am sooo slow and he hangs by my side even if it makes our journey longer than expected. so on saturday morning we picked up my boyfriend and headed north! we met a group of 18 people outside the store  and then drove to our destination. when we got there we got ready and started! i was so nervous because i am slow and these people were like pros or something so i had to put my back into it!
my boyfriend and my brother disappeared with all the fast guys while a couple, a guy, my dad and me were left behind with 4 guides. it wasn’t that bad, you know… after half an hour pedaling i was ready to rest when they said “ok people let’s get this started!!” and i was like saaay whaaat? yes, we were just getting started! really stretch roads full of mud and tree branches all the way up! i was dying! after going up for 20 minutes or so it seemed we went down, i was thankful for that, but i shouldn’t have been the road was in the same conditions than the other so i pulled out my fox equipment, climbed into my bike and prayed so i wouldn’t fell down and got hurt. i made it! and was happy until they announced we were going the wrong way and we had to go up. damn i was upset! an hour or so after we met the other guys took some pictures they were going straight to facebook and got ready to go down finally!!! going down in a mountain makes me nervous, it’s all about the brakes and controlling your speed. so i was going really slow. in some point we got lost and the rest of the crew was waaay ahead of us and there we were, 6 people in the middle of nowhere trying to figure which way was out, so we decided to go right. we ended up in the highway and a mille down and we found our cars but the rest of the crew wasn’t there. we were the first to arrive! funny huh?
in my mind i would’ve spend all the time with my boyfriend, but instead i was with my dad laughing and joking. (sure he is a great dad who never leaves his girl behind) even though i had some rough moments i had so much fun! everyone was so nice and the guides… well best guys!!
here are a few pictures one of the guides took!  can you spot me? and we had our go-pro camera with us! maybe i’ll post a video later!


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