I don’t like goodbyes

i’ve never been good at saying goodbye, but don’t think i am saying goodbye to the blog… this is completely different. there’s a reason why i love to keep my loved ones close, because once they leave i don’t know how to keep in touch. that’s something my parents never taught me. it’s sad when someone you love so much goes and this time is my turn.
i knew someday my boyfriend was leaving mexico city to move with his dad to california, but i wasn’t counting on how fast time would pass by and now we are here 2 weeks away from the day. the actual day when he leaves. i can’t believe it! i remember when i used to say oh! it’s okay! the day you leave i will be just fine! go! apparently none tells us how hard it is being apart from the one you’ve learned to love, who you’ve laughed with, cried, kissed and hugged. even though we’re 2 weeks away i am incredibly sad! it’s not like he is leaving for a week or two, or moving to the next city. he is moving for real! and not to the next city, but hundreds of miles away! i will miss that guy so much!! i wish he could stay by my side forever, but that would be selfish, so all that’s left to do is support him and spend as much time as possible with him while he is here…
he’ll come to visit in 3 months just in time for my birthday and our 3rd anniversary… hope time will go by as quick as possible!
so i am sorry if i am kind of absent in the next 2 weeks or so. i’ll be enjoying these days with my love! trying not to cry and soaking it all in!

night night friends!! image here


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