He’s gone

today i woke up with the most strange feeling, i decided it was nothing, but now i get it. it was the feeling that after 5pm something would be missing in my life… my boyfriend. today we headed to the airport and said goodbye. i still can’t believe he’s gone, but i miss him so much… such a strange feeling! everybody keeps saying 3 months will fly by and i hope they’re right because no one prepares us for this kind of situations, right? there’s no manual of how to deal with this, but i’m sure i’ll be fine and in 3 months i’ll be back at the airport to pick him up!! can’t wait!!
according to a tradition i wasn’t aware of you have to give a $2 usd to the person you love and say it comes right from your heart… or something like that! well my sweet boyfriend couldn’t find a $2 usd so instead he gave me one and he had given me another dollar a few years back, so let’s say they were two. a few minutes after his mom’s boyfriend got one and gave it to him! sweet huh?
well, today is my brother’s birthday as well so it’s a bittersweet day for me… anyway i’m off to celebrate him!


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