well, it’s been a month since i last saw my boyfriend… and let me tell ya’ it ain’t easy!! specially when there’s a two-hour difference and our schedules never coincide :/ it pisses me off! but we’re doing ok. i don’t consider myself as an expert when it comes to relationships and technology, but i know a little about both so today i would like to share with you some interesting thoughts that have crossed my mind lately.
as i said before we never coincide, but luckily we have internet and an iPod or iPhone and we try to keep in touch. (ha! tricky) anyway, this app is just amazing, i’ve been using it since it was ping chat and i’m in love with it. maybe i didn’t text with my boyfriend before, but i do now and he sends me the most funny pictures! we used to use an app named pair, but geez, so much trouble so we changed app. sometimes i wonder if he has iMessage i mean every iPod touch has it, right?
sometimes we Skype; sometimes i Skype with his whole family, not him. sometimes we don’t.
this past month i realized i was developing an addiction for my iPhone! it has to stop. and let’s not talk about the whole sdr thing (sent, delivered, read) it drives me crazy and i’m pretty sure it makes all of you crazy too! i mean obviously everyone wants to know if their message was sent or read but those arrows from what’s app or ping chat (just to name a few) are terrible!
the first thing that comes to my mind is a neurotic girlfriend saying (maybe yelling) you read it! don’t tell me you didn’t receive it!  is this what we really want? 
woow! tech huh? i’m not against it at all! but what if there was only one arrow? sent.
in the meanwhile i’ll keep checking my phone in case he has read my very early morning text and hasn’t answered back.


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