McDonald’s race

yikes! this was a race to remember… my sister and i filled up our register forms a week before the race and didn’t train. but i thought it was gonna be easy, it wasn’t. the day of the race we couldn’t find any parking places and we decided to take elvis with us… we thought we were late for the race but thank god we weren’t! we started to run and halfway my knee started to hurt, i thought it was nothing and kept running (bad idea). for a second i almost fell to the ground. i finished the race half walking half running but my knee hurt so bad (still does). after half week going up and down the stairs with a lot of pain yesterday i went to the doctor… he said, well you won’t be able to run ever if you want your knee to be ok whaaaat?! apparently i have a serious knee problem and can’t run long distances or just run 😦 that’s sad!!


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