well i can’t say last year wasn’t a good one. i had some ups and downs like everyone, i learned a lot about myself and everything that surrounds me, i became one year older, i shared moments with special people, i cried and laughed, met new friends, tried something new to me, made decisions… but most important loved every single day of last year and thanked for everything i have.
i don’t consider myself a crier, actually i am pretty tough. but something happened in the last two months. something changed my life and the way i see life now. i got to be part of something really incredible, i witnessed how a small action can change someone’s day or life. i’m talking about collaborating with a foundation that helps children with any type of cancer. it was such an amazing experience! i remember that after my birthday my boyfriend his family an i went to this event, we arrived at 8am to a chilly place to set everything up and worked among other 100 people. when you see all those kids arrive the look on their faces is priceless! it just changes your life and makes you tear up without even noticing it! that day i found myself crying when i got home i mean how many things we have and we don’t even realize?!
from that day i’ve been a whole new person, i am more sensitive and i thank for what i have and for the people god gave me but most important for being healthy.

have you ever stopped and analyze your life? how many things have you done to help others?
people always gather when there’s some kind of disaster, but do we really need an excuse to gather and help others? i mean, when there’s a hurricane everyone wants to help and stuff, but when someone is diagnosed with a terminal illness no one cares! its like an everyday matter now. i say this because i was the kind of person that completely stopped when a disaster happened and said to my parents hey! we should help them!! and then forgot about the theme. but now i am the kind of person who wants to help without a reason. it has really changed my life and whenever i do something i think to myself today for them, tomorrow for me. i don’t expect something in change but it feels good to know you have somebody to watch your back and says you are not alone, my friend.
as i type this there’s this person who comes to my mind. such a good friend who taught me to unconditionally love and expect nothing in change. to be as good as you can and enjoy everything that comes in your way. to forgive.
maybe this person won’t ever read this blog or even this post, but i am thankful because that special little person taught me all these things and more in only four months, the most incredible months when i knew i had a true friend. and even though we haven’t talked in 6 months i know she’ll be there whenever i need her!



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