The dunes & the ocean

IMG_4956on the second day we went to a beach called chachalacas which at first sight isn’t that pretty, but once you step on the beach it’s magical! you have sand and the ocean and then a few miles ahead the dunes! it’s really amazing, except when it’s cold! i packed my bikini, sunnies, sunscreen and a dress because the sun was peeking out early that day but i didn’t want to take chances and i’m glad i didn’t because it was so cold!! i never guessed i’d be wearing a sweatshirt on the beach!
later we drove those few miles i mentioned before to the dunes. i have only one word breathtaking! my sister asked me to take her some pictures, that became into hundreds of them. so i didn’t actually got to see all of the dunes 😦 but at least i saw the first ones!
IMG_5112IMG_5054 IMG_5064IMG_5091 IMG_5106


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