5 months later

so here I am. five months after my boyfriend got back from his trip to la. honestly i can’t believe he is gone already, again. I have to say that he hasn’t been away for more than a day and I already miss him so bad!
I knew this day was coming, but it wasn’t real until is had to wave him goodbye yesterday. last time was harder because I didn’t know what I was signing up for and didn’t know how long distance relationships work, but now it’s completely different!
in two months I’m pretty sure I’ll be so excited to go pick him up at the airport and will be sharing my joy with you over here. I seriously can’t wait for these couple of months to be over and see what’s coming up for us!
last but not least I want to thank god for leading him to my path or leading mine to his’ I’ve had so much fun by his side and I’m pretty sure he’s the love of my life! but let’s not get ahead! I guess we’ll wait and see!


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