On winning and losing

d34e1d1ec68411e29e1622000a9d0ec7_7there’s just something that keeps me awake.
maybe it’s the feeling of emptiness.
the last three months have been a roller-coaster for me. i dropped out school (every time i think about it this scene comes to my mind), seeing my boyfriend leave for the second time for three months, gather together with my best friends… and so much more. but i think the most important thing that has happened is losing friends and winning some new ones. friends are the family you choose, and that’s why they are so important.
through the years you meet lots of people. some come and go, but some others remain and those are the ones who are worth it.
during high-school i met the most wonderful people but ,as always, everyone followed their own path and walked apart. luckily i’m still in touch with some of them.
tonight i feel kind of heartbroken.
i don’t know why but this strange feeling is keeping me awake. typing, deleting, typing, correcting, adding, deleting. it’s a hard night and the words are just not coming out. my heart feels heavy.
there’s something i want to say but it can’t be said out loud, so i’m just gonna type it:
i really love you and i miss you.


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