The Versatile Blogger Award

33BjAso, i was nominated to the versatile blogger award on saturday by the sweet aniko from the style citizen blog. at first i had no idea what was going on, but after doing some research i figured it out.
first of all i’d like to thank aniko for nominating me! thanks sweet gal! and then, i’d like to proceed with the rules, so here are 7 things about me:

  • i love to cook, but i hate touching raw meat!
  • i am very shy.
  • i own 3 dogs but i’m allergic to them.
  • my brother and i get along better than my sister and i.
  • i get along better with boys than girls.
  • these days i realized i’m better off by myself.
  • i am always smiling
  • +1 i am mexican, but i blog in english since all my readers are not just mexicans.

now, i have to nominate 15 blogs, but i’m gonna nominate just a couple:
Style Citizen, a blog full of trends, fashion and amazing diy’s like the one about cucumber margaritas!
Ooh La La, it’s not only my sister’s blog, but sometimes i contribute to her blog and she does the same over here. we are practically a team and i love everything she does.
Becoming who we are, an inspiring blog that contains deep thoughts.

read more about the award here.
image found here.


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