A new beginning

jgtoday is a brand new day. i feel like a different person.
i am older than yesterday, but also wiser.
maybe it’s because i’m broken-hearted.
i’m pretty sure many of you have been through this and you may also know it’s not easy stuff.
thursday was the day i had been waiting for since may, gepe was giving a concert in mexico and i was beyond happy. thursday got bittersweet. my boyfriend and i broke up a few hours before the concert. we were having problems, nothing big, but breaking up was NOT at the top of my list of solutions for our relationship. anyway, that’s what he wanted, otherwise he wouldn’t have said that but he did and there was not much i could do so i just sucked it up, hold my tears and accepted the facts. he was breaking up with me. but he’s not the bad guy in the story, maybe it’s the both of us for not fighting for each other, maybe it’s me for not fighting for him, maybe i’m wrong and he is the bad guy for not fighting for me. i don’t know, but what i do know is that it’s all over now.
4 years had come and gone just like that! i wish i knew better. i wish it didn’t hurt the way it does. i wish we never have to go through break ups. but if all that became true, then how would we learn about life?
i know i am only 18 and i have so much more ahead to live and experience, but i really thought he was the one maybe he was, but not for me. all i know is he will always be one of the persons i loved the most (i still do, so far) and one of the few persons who got to know me better than anyone in my family. thanks for all dear!


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