welcome to the same blog dear readers! i decided it was time for a change and here it is:
welcome to bonjour!!
this blog’s name was meet me at home for 2 years and now, i decided it’s time to change to something more simple.
i chose bonjour because that’s how you meet new friends. it always starts with a hello, hola, bonjour, etc. and i consider myself as a friendly person, so i wanted this blog to say hello to everyone who is kind enough to read it.
this month’s my blogiversary and i couldn’t be happier! two years blogging about my life it’s not easy, but thanks for letting me share and for coming back for more!
i’ll make a proper post in the next days (just like last year’s).
in the meanwhile you can get used to the new name (i am) and scroll through these past years. i’m pretty sure you’ll find a lot of history in these pages!
thank you!

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