Walking down memory lane

pictures are the best reminders of people who have come and gone through your life.
the other day i was feeling nostalgic and while i was going through my iphone pictures, i found myself looking at the pictures with my ex-boyfriend. it was bittersweet. i haven’t deleted them yet, i don’t know why but i just haven’t. maybe i still miss him, or having a boyfriend, or the moments. i don’t know but i feel like i can’t erase those pictures. same thing happens with the pictures on my computer.IMG_6377
but not only with my ex-boyfriend’s pictures, but also with all the pictures. apparently they all have a meaning to me and it’s hard to let go.
it seems like a great moment to make a year in review post, but i may or may not be too lazy to do it right now. it’ll be my goal before this year ends!


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