12 Highlights of my year

ty2013 is almost over! first of all, thank you for reading this blog and keeping up with my day-to-day adventures, thoughts and everything i blog about. it really means so much to me and i dream of making this blog grow as i grow older too. hopefully you’ll stick around and see it! i can’t wait to see what 2014 brings for me and the blog. in the meanwhile, let me show you 12 highlights of 2013. enjoy!
last week i finally got a tattoo! 🙂 i must say it was one of the best days so far. i would totally do it again. not anytime soon, but someday.
back in march we went to veracruz for my dad’s birthday and we had an amazing time even though it was freezing cold. we also visited some dunes and my sister and i thought it was perfect for a small sistersister shoot.
celebrated my granddad’s 79th birthday in february! the big 80’s are about to come and we’re planning a huge party for the sweetest man i’ve ever known.
my life changed course and i suddenly saw myself single (hard times) but i looked for the bright side of it and came up with a kind of blog makeover. yay!
also the blog was nominated to the versatile blogger award by our friends at style citizen. thanks girls!
i got my first job and had a lot of fun, made new friends and got paid!! it was a first for me.
back to college i went, which meant waking up early, and freaking out about what should i wear today.

i turned 19 and with it, discovered this amazing post about 10 things before turning 20. perspective changing, trust me!
last but not least, last year on my birthday wriel gave me a stereo cruiser skateboard, which i really want to use more often. i’m planning on taking a few classes or maybe not, who knows. the point is really using it!


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