there’s a thought i can’t seem to get off my head.
boyfriend, it’s not actually a thought, but more like a word. i’ve been thinking about how much i miss having a boyfriend, i mean, it’s not just about having someone, but at the same time it is (really complicated stuff).
what i’m trying to say is this: it’s not just having a boyfriend, but a person to talk to about the silliest things, behave like a total idiot and still don’t care, someone who you can share and keep a secret with, someone who will love you unconditionally, and the best part: being able to kiss that person whenever you want, of course, there’s more to it.
tglas i am writing this, i can’t help but think about my last relationship and somehow i relate it to this sex and the city chapter where sweet charlotte is talking about how you only get two great loves in life. totally random, but so true. think about it, there’s always one that gets away… maybe the ex-boyfriend fits in one of the two categories of great loves…
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