Yesterday, today and tomorrow

yttlately i’ve been thinking about life: what i’m doing, what i’ve done and what i want to do.
last year was a specially hard one. i remember everything as it just had happened last night. from october 2012 i started doubting about my major, and even though i wanted to quit school my parents wouldn’t let me, so i got really depressed, there were days when i cried myself to sleep, others i didn’t even wanted to get up to go to school and when i did, i skipped most of my classes, because i just hated the place and the feeling of being there with a bunch of people who actually knew what they were doing! on march 2013, right after my dad’s birthday he agreed on me taking the rest of the semester off, which was a huge blessing to me. i got to spend a lot of time thinking about what to do with my life, wether i was changing majors or not. by may i changed majors and school.
then, summer came proving me that people change. no one/thing ever remains the same. i got my first job, which was a big deal to me. back then i kind of depended on the only person who did not depend on me, and as my job took over my time, distance took over my 3+year relationship. i don’t blame it all on my summer job, but to the changed guy los angeles sent me back a month before. a guy so different from the one i fell for 3 years back…
august came with a whole new challenge. i was at another school excited about what was coming. little did i knew i would find really good friends and learn so much from them.
last year i discovered how easily i can break. i reaffirmed how strong i am. i learned to push ahead. i am thankful for what i’ve gone through, because all those experiences had led me to figure out what i want to do next:
i’ve always dreamt of going to africa, at first i wanted to go as a tourist, but then i met children with cancer, all kinds of cancer and i got to made them laugh. that’s when i decided i wanted to do something for them, but not only for children with diseases, but for kids who are not as lucky as i’ve been. i thought about war in africa and how children get caught up in the middle of everything. if i ever get the opportunity, i would teach them everything i know, but i’m pretty sure they’d teach me even more. i have this theory that by changing one kid’s life, you are making an amazing change in the world: one less underage kid holding a gun, one less lonely kid… in exchange you get another loved child.
i am planning on going in a few years from now, you may wonder why not now? well, first i want to finish my major, which feels like the biggest accomplishment in my life so far and i also want to save enough money to go on that trip.
this is something i really want to do, and i’m pretty sure i will.


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