Good reads

booksi remember i hated reading when i was little, but now i absolutely love it.
i am a sucker for love stories, but not only the nice ones, i also love tragic love stories and all kinds. i think they kind of teach us how to bear with different situations.
i still don’t have a personal favorite yet, i think i haven’t read one that gets me to the core but here are some of the ones i’ve enjoyed a lot:
where’d you go, bernadette?
i think i really love this book because from my point of view it shows the relationship between a mom and her daughter and the special bond they have. it makes me think of me and my mom, minus all the drama.
overview here.
will grayson, will grayson
coincidences are a funny thing, but oh my! this book is hilarious, seriously i spent the whole time laughing so hard. not your average funny/romantic story.
overview here.
as i said i am a sucker for love stories, and this book kept me smiling all the way through. i bought it so i could read it while i was in recovery from my nose surgery (yes, i had a surgery back in april) and it was the perfect read. even though i hated all the simon snow stories at the beginning of every chapter, i loved the rest of the book.
overview here.

if you haven’t read them yet, give them a try. maybe you’ll love them as much as i do.


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