Hair inspiration

hairinspoi’ve been thinking about getting a new haircut for a few weeks now. i know it’s been only a month and a half-ish since i got my hair done, but that shouldn’t keep me from dreaming, right? i was thinking about short hair, no bangs or maybe long ones, but short hair. my mom said no way! and my sister said go for it! my hair is crazy, sometimes curly, sometimes straight, others just a mess and that kind of freaks me out: super big, messy and short hair. my head would look like a helmet!
there are days when i think maybe i should keep it long. i’ve had really long hair for two years and i love how versatile it can be. a bun, braids, straight, curly, beach waves… the possibilities are infinite!
i want to wait until my bangs grow and then i’ll see. in the meanwhile i’ll just dream about it.

all images found on pinterest, the history of silence and collage vintage.


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