National Geographic

nglast month’s national geographic magazine was just amazing!
we were at the supermarket when my dad saw it and bought it. on the cover: a hero dog. i mean, what’s there not to love about dogs, right? well, now try a hero dog. of course i died!
when i opened the magazine i saw this picture, it was a redhead girl and the mini article said redheads sense things different than the rest of us. amazing right?
but i’m not even done here; one of the first pages tells a short story about a us military soldier and his parter, the dog had lost a leg and had a special brace that helped her move around. the next story about hero dogs also tells the story of a soldier and his partner during war in sangin. i’m not going to tell the story, because i would totally spoil it if you ever want to read it, but it’s really interesting and it may bring you to tears, just like me.
there is also an article about a train, the matvei murdov, that delivers medical care in small towns across the russian far east. pretty impressive as well.
i always find interesting learning about other countries, their culture and problems just to name the most interesting things to me. last month i wrote this post about vice, which is my favorite news site online, next: national geographic.


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