dnnswhy hello there! it’s been tough around here lately, so i apologize for the radio silence. i’ve been going to lots of meetings and taking in my last days of vacation because tomorrow i’m off to work (insert super sad and tired face here). last year i got my first job and it was amazing, this year i am back at it and it’s really exciting! seeing old friends, learning new things from all those kids, making new friends and also learning from them. when we had our first meeting last month everyone was so happy to see each other, i even heard someone saying this: i waited all year long for this, i missed you guys! it was really sweet.
but as i was telling you, this year i’m back at it, so it means i won’t be able to post often due to extreme tiredness and maybe two weekends of camping out with the kids. the fun begins tomorrow and i am already tired, is that even possible? maybe sunday meetings at 8am, last-minute uniform adjustments (because they delivered them today), team switches and over thinking costume days are harder than they look.
i know i’ll have fun, and since this is my second and last year i’ll make the best of it! wish me luck and i’ll be posting every chance i get, i promise!


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