Beach days (Part 2)

xplor1so, after we went to akumal we went back to the hotel to take a quick shower and then head over to xplor, a themed water park. dad booked the fire experience for us, it consists on doing all the activities you can do when there’s daylight but at night which is pretty rad.
we got there when it was almost dark, which means no sun (thank god!) because i was super tanned from day 1 and it was mostly empty, also good because that meant no lines. we started with raft swimming, and i must say, my sister and i suck at it, we paddled backwards most of the time and we got a lot of help from a very nice guy who was laughing at us.
then we swam in a river with bats, the water was so cold i thought i was going to freeze. it was all fun until we reached some waterfalls that pulled you down so hard that it was difficult to swim the other way.
after that we went on a ride through the jungle in 4×4 mini cars where we saw fireflies and a few bats. we left the most exciting activity last: zip-lining. it was dark, but you could see park lit up with torches.
it was one of the best experiences and we all had so much fun. we had dinner there and then left to our hotel for a good night of sleep.xplor2


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