Beach days (Part 3)

an4our hotel was a total surprise for us, there were signs all around with different animal species that lived in the jungle around the hotel. honestly, i though we were never going to see one of the many animals, but god, was i wrong.
there were these tiny animals named coatí, they were really pretty, but they also loved to sneak in the restaurants so there were nets to avoid their unexpected visits.
everyday on our way to breakfast, our room or to the beach we saw lots of these babes, and every single time i was mesmerized by them.an3 an5another species we saw were monkeys. my brother had told us there was a monkey jumping around the trees and hugging people, and of course my sister and i wanted to meet that monkey! so one day we were walking to the beach and there he was: jumping from tree to tree. my sister and i got close and an employee from the hotel told us that the monkey was very friendly, so we got closer. he just wouldn’t let us see him so as we were about to give up the monkey ran over to my sister, grabbed her by the leg and tried to bite her! it all happened so fast i didn’t know whether to laugh or seek for help.
it all ended up with a sad monkey making signs as he walked away from a french lady and us. it was really fun!


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