IMG_1807Almost 10 days into my twenties. Yeah, last Monday was my birthday (yay!) and it was kind of scary. To say I’m finally twenty is like some major thing in my life. I’ve always been the littlest one in my family and with my friends, but now I am one year away from becoming legal everywhere in the world, I am not the youngest of my friends, actually I am between the oldest 5!
It used to worry me how it’d be like, but now as I am almost two weeks in it’s like a whirlwind. Ups and downs, the best time spent with friends, so many secrets shared and kept locked, new experiences and lots of laughs. I love the people I get to spend time with and call friends and family, they are simply the best.
I am completely sure this year will be awesome, and as I already did some pretty crazy things which I do not regret even a little, I expect to do some wrongs (as everyone does) and learn from them.

I am really looking forward to this year and whatever comes my way I’ll embrace it and take the best from it!


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