All on board

boat4Earlier this month we went on our annual trip to Veracruz, and I say annual because it’s becoming some kind of tradition. Anyway, among all of the things we did this one was a favorite: visiting an old navy boat/museum. You may wonder what’s so special about it, right? Well, I’m not a boats person, but this one was a navy one, so of course I was excited to see what was on the inside, all those guns, bunk beds, showers, everything!boat2Turns out this boat was everything I hoped for and more! They had a dentist office and a very old surgery table, yeah they practiced small procedures in there. They had like a general store, pretty small showers and even a snakes exhibit. According to the guide, who is a retired sailor, there wasn’t enough room for all the 600+ members on board, but they managed.
Some parts of the boat were totally covered by water, which is still safe, but you can’t go beyond unless you wanna take a dive, but that’s not allowed. Besides that I had an amazing time! If someday you’re around and you like museums, go for it!boat1boat3


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