merida1Back in november I traveled with my classmates to Mérida. It was a nice change of scenery even for just a few short days, but I had a blast between our exhausting days and crazy nights.
We visited Celestun, “a natural paradise” in the words of our guide. We rode boats in the lagoon and were supposed to see flamingos but they were like miles away from us and our boat got stuck when we tried to get closer. Then we spotted some alligators and it was… Well, let me put it like this: You’re in a boat with the boys (5 of them), now picture one of them trying to get a closer look from the edge of the boat and the rest of them joking around and trying to make him fall. Yeah, nerve-wracking and funny all at the same time!! Once we were done there we went back to the hotel and partied all night!merida4The next day we went to Chichen Itzá after having breakfast and trying to get the girls to wake up from their hangover. When we got there it was raining! We were all dying on the inside (not from the rain), but I did enjoyed the view and walk. After that we went to this cenote. I was so excited that I didn’t mind it was raining and still jumped in. I’m an adventurer at heart!! By the end of the day we pulled over in Valladolid to stretch and buy some food before we headed back to the hotel. Back in the hotel some of us partied, went back to the hotel, got scared in our room and went back to partying before thinking about going back into our room. It was so fun!!merida3merida2Finally, the last day we had conferences in the morning, a lunch break and a tour around town in a picturesque bus at night. It wasn’t really interesting, but I had so much fun!
There aren’t a lot of pictures from the trip because I was kind of busy making memories with my friends (or it was raining) but I’m glad I captured some of those moments 🙂

I hadn’t shared the pictures because I thought they were lost, but now they’re found.


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