Abandoned love

pf1pf3What happens when you mix a party banner with some real life thoughts? The answer: really cool projects like this one by Peyton Fulford. You may already know this project, but if you don’t here’s a small intro from the 20-year-old Georgia based author:

‘Abandoned Love’ is a participatory photo series in which I had people from all over the world (Australia, UK, USA) on Tumblr send me private thoughts, diary entries, text messages, etc to which I then created into banners and placed on abandoned buildings. 

As you may know I’m a romantic at heart, and by romantic it doesn’t necessarily means I only like cute stuff, but I like heartbreaking stuff too. So when I saw the pictures I was kind of caught.

peyf1 peyf2 peyf3

All images by Peyton Fulford/ Abandoned Love Series



  1. That’s pretty interesting!! I like the banners create a whole meaning into art when it’s placed into settings. ❤

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